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Celebrate with us the Jubilee of Nicolas Barré founder of the Infant Jesus Sisters

October 21st 2020 - October 21st 2021

21st October 2020 - October 2021

'I Am sending you on a new path'

Jubilee reflections for Blessed Nicolas Barré

October 21st 2020 -October 2021

Date: Wednesday October 21st 2020


Blessed Nicolas Barré, Founder of the Infant Jesus Sisters, was born in France, on October 21st1621. As a young man he joined the Order of Minims which was founded by St. Francis of Paola. 

 In Fr. Barré’s lifetime, France suffered war, famine and a plague which lasted 20 years. He was deeply aware of the cries of those who suffered most. The ministries he undertook, including the setting up of the Institute, and his writings, reflect the depths of his awareness, his profound compassion and his trust in the Providence of God. He has much to teach us today. Let us begin this jubilee year by celebrating his birth. 

Reflection 1: 

‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you came to birth, I consecrated you; 

I have appointed you as prophet to the nations.’ (Jer. 1:5) 

Reflection 2: 

    ‘They belong to God and God belongs to them,

             The Spirit carries them where it wills.

        Acts in them, possesses them, moves them.

                               Like faithful servants.

 No feather borne hither and thither upon the wind,

               Moves with such grace and freedom,

                 As do they, who allow themselves

                             To be carried by God,

          Without resisting’ (Spiritual Canticle 37)


Gracious Father, thank you for Nicolas Barré and the many gifts you entrusted to him, including the charism of the Institute. We thank you for his fidelity and his lifelong dedication to your call, despite many hardships and challenges. We ask you, through his intercession, that this year of jubilee may be for each of us a journey of renewal and conversion which continues to draw us towards you.


 May God bless us all and keep us safe.

Margaret Walsh IJS      




We are a small group of dedicated women who live in a spirit of total trust in God's providential guidance.

Our Institute was formed over 300 years ago by Fr. Nicolas Barré Minim Friar.

 He gave our community a simple rule of life.

 Thus the early sisters were free to move and live close to the ordinary people and were not confined to the cloister.

Today our life style is still very similar to that of 300 years ago.

 The active sisters continue to live and work in the community where there is a mission for them to fulfill.

We are special because of our mission.

By living out our mission, we are animated by "pure love".

This gift of God enables us to love Him and all people with complete disinterestedness.

We are creative and daring.

We will always try to prepare the way of the Lord and by doing so will enable the seed of believers to be sown and to spring up and develop.

Our prayer is that you will enjoy viewing the English/Irish website.

By Looking through the pages you will be on a journey where you will meet new companions.

If at any stage you would like to find out more about the Infant Jesus  Sisters then you are warmly invited to take a look at our international website.

If when you have finished your little journey through the pages of our website you may feel inspired to help with one of our missions.

This  can be done in several ways-

1. By becoming united with the sisters in prayer

2. By becoming an IJ Volunteer.

Volunteers are always needed at the St Chad's project in Birmingham and at

the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre in London.

  3. By becoming a benefactor and supporting one of the missions in England/Ireland.

4. Finally, you may be searching for a change in the direction of your life and wish to find out more about becoming a Sister of the Infant Jesus.

If YES,  to any of the above then  please go to the Contact page

where you will be able to take a further step.

Let your hearts be opened with a holy joy as you contemplate your happiness and the excellence of your vocation. Nicolas Barre​

Like a feather in the wind

Have you ever watched a feather drifting in the wind?

Be faithful in allowing yourself to be led by God.

Like a feather drifting in the wind,

be receptive to the inspiration of the Spirit and obedient to what draws you. N. Barre

They belong to God, and God belongs to them,

the Spirit carries them where it wills,

acts in them, possesses them, moves them,

like faithful servants.

No feather borne hither and thither upon the wind

moves with such grace and freedom,

as do they who allow themselves

to be carried by God without resisting.

N. Barre: Spiritual Canticle 37