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   The importance of 

        'Our Website'


        Link., Learn & 

       Spread the Word


For over 2,000 years Christians have spread the word by using symbols and messages.

The early Church inscribed messages on rocks.

Today we use the internet to share our messages.

The very early 'social media' was able to share the message with those whom there was no personal contact.

The message was seen and then passed on.

Early third century rock etching found in the Catacombs in Rome

The five loaves and fish

The sign of the Eucharist 

4th Century Roman Fresco

Showing an early picture of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd

5th Century fired clay stamp used on parchments to spread the message.

The symbol of the fish - Greek word Ichthys - meaning 

'Jesus Christ', 'God's Son', 'Saviour'

6th Century

The Irish monks learned how to read and write.

The monasteries became famous for the famous handwritten Illuminated Bible Manuscripts.

The Psalter or book of Psalms are now being hand written which enables more people to read and share the script.

The Gutenberg Printing Press

The first Catholic Vulgate Bible was produced on this press in 1450 and was known as the Gutenberg Bible.

State of the art technology enables the Word to be spread and learnt by many

Thanks to Gutenberg single letters come together to form the 'Word of God'.

In 1646 Fr Nicolas Barré is ordained as a Friar Minim priest.

He is a man of great thought, prayer and understanding and within a short time he is writing letters of guidance to many people.

In 1677 Fr Nicolas Barré wrote the first constitutions for the Infant Jesus Sisters, the first book of 'Statutes & Rules'


Pope Francis meets the CEO of Apple.

The Pope's message for the World Day of Social Communications is -

'The internet, text messages and social networks are a gift from God'.

2020 and onwards.....

From the rock etchings found in the early Roman Catacombs, to the linking of the world through the internet,

 we continue to learn and to spread the Word of God for 

future generations.

Nicolas Barré

A man for his time


a man for out time


A Man

for his time​


a man for our time in