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 A Journey of Faith

The road after 'Emmaus'

continuing to 'give shape to our vision'

Inspired by God's Spirit, we are  invited to become co-creators with God today?

A time of personal discernment enabling God's call for the Province at this time to be heard.

We are called to be united in mission

Respect, value & appreciate one another.                          Change begins with me!

Avoid labelling & judging.

Affirm, appreciate & draw out the gifts of others.

Embrace co-responsibility with courage.

Have IJ gatherings to promote greater unity of heart and mission.

We are called to care for the sisters

Develop new life-giving care for our elderly infirm sisters.

See God at work in our times & circumstances.

Give encouragement for sisters to remain missionaries to the end.

Province Assembly, Emmaus, Dublin

We are called to care for the Earth 

Taking Action.....

Sisters motto: 'Waste not Want not'

Community motto: 'Live by example' 

Provincial Team motto: 'Sustainable Living'  

We are called to.....  

Share our Spirituality 

With lay people

Living out out spirituality in community and wherever we find ourselves.

Embrace our 'fragility and vulnerability recognising within this we are still God's instruments.

Let us continue to bless each other using the words of Fr Nicolas Barré

Whatever happens always be at peace and trust in God. Nicolas Barré